• Rosie Das

Beginning to prepare for birth - my top tips

Even doulas need support sometimes...

I'm now 23 weeks into my second pregnancy, and hoping for a very different birth to last time, which is why I'm doing alllllll the preparation I can.

Here's what I've done so far: - Talked to my husband about what each of us wants from the birth - Joined [even more] pregnancy and birthy groups on FB

- Joined a couple of Zoom support groups (one general pregnancy one, and one for home births) - Started researching my options for where and how to birth - Joined a prenatal yoga class - I'm taking [another] antenatal class (because each class and each teacher gives slightly different perspectives and information) - Surrounding myself with positive birth stories - Started refreshing my understanding of optimal fetal positioning for birth, and doing the exercises

- Hired a doula

Q) So why on earth am I doing all this when I'm already a doula and childbirth educator and should 'know it all'?! A) Because no one knows everything, and every birth is unique!

I know from experience with clients that thinking through all your options, preparing for every outcome, and really understanding your options means you are far more likely to have a positive birth experience. It also means you can truly give informed consent, and have the confidence to ask for more information when you need it.

If you'd like to start preparing for your birth, I highly recommend booking in for a free phone call with me as your starting point. I can show you where to find the resources you need, suggest people to talk to, or of course, explain the classes I offer (everything from birth ball skills to newborn care, VBAC prep, or a full childbirth education course). Get in touch now, via the form below to get started on your journey to a more prepared and confident birth.

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