• Rosie Das

Bonding with Bump

How can I start bonding with my baby before they are born?

This is a question I see a lot on parenting and pregnancy groups. For some people, feeling a connection to their baby is instant and ongoing, and for others it takes a lot longer to come, or only comes once baby is born (and sometimes it takes even longer than that!) Each of these experiences is totally normal, so please don’t worry if you’re not feeling super loved up with your bump just yet!

So, how to build that connection?

Lots of people recommend some kind of peaceful meditation or mindfulness session to help you tune into your baby. If you’re someone who enjoys this type of thing, try this: make time in your day where you can get comfy, place your hands on your bump, and clear your mind. Breathe deeply - the extra oxygen will be good for baby too - and either just focus on your baby or begin to talk to bubba.

Talking to your bump is actually really beneficial, as babies can learn to recognise our voices even whilst they are still in the womb. This can then help with bonding on the outside once they are born too. You might feel a bit silly at first, or not know what to say… Here are some things you could try out:

  • Tell them about your day - what has happened, where you’re going, what you are planning for dinner etc

  • Read a story, or even just news articles!

  • If you are religious you could pray out loud

  • Tell baby some jokes - bonus points if they’re silly enough to make you laugh!

Another way to promote this auditory bond is through singing to your baby… Nursery rhymes, your favourite song of all time, whatever is in the current top 40… It’s all good! You might feel baby get more active as you sing - just how active depends on how good your singing voice is! If you combine singing with dancing baby will also get to feel your movements, and begin to learn some rhythm.

Making plans for after baby is born can also help you feel more of a connection. During pregnancy is a great time to research new parent groups (like the one I run!), baby swimming, sensory groups, or just nice places to take baby out for the day.

Have you thought of a name yet? Try challenging your partner to write their top 10 favourite names and see how many match with yours!

If you don’t already, then perhaps you could start giving your bump a massage with a pregnancy safe oil or lotion a couple of times a day. Your partner could help out here to give you a bit of relaxation time! Your bump may feel extra tight at times so only do this if it is comfortable. I know towards the end of my pregnancy with Max I hated my bump being touched at all! Try doodling different designs, or just practising lots of lovely swooping hand movements. You may feel baby moving to follow the heat and movement of your hands.

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