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GUEST POST: What to buy for baby - advice from Baby'roo

Today’s guest post is written by Caroline, who is the owner of the Baby’roo store in Plymouth city centre. Caroline has many years of experience working in Mothercare and Baby’roo, so is well used to advising expectant parents about what they might need to buy ahead of their baby’s arrival.

Check out her advice:

Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting things we ever get to experience. We also know that it can be a minefield trying to figure out the essential items you will need as a new mum for the arrival of your bundle of joy. With countless blog posts, item reviews and checklists; we here at Baby’roo wanted to give you a break down of the essential items we believe you will need when welcoming your baby into the world.

We know that every mum is different, every situation is different, and every baby is different, so adapt and take from this list what you feel you need and would like. We hope that you find these lists of essential items helpful. We know it must be extremely scary to see all these items written up in front of you; but we know that your intuition as a mum is something that you must always trust. There is no right or wrong way to be a mum, you must always trust yourself and know that you have the support and love of those around you.

We here at Baby’roo want to remind you that we are not just a shop for you to purchase your essentials in; we are a place of support and community. We will always be there to answer questions new mums have and offer support and advice for all parents.

Hospital bag for baby and mum: Knowing what to pack in your hospital bag is a question we always get asked; not only do you need those essentials for your baby but also for yourself.

For baby: 3 sleepsuits, 3 bodysuits, 2 pairs of scratch mitts, cotton baby hat, nappies, cotton wool, gentle baby lotion, gentle baby wipes, baby blanket, going home outfit, shawl.

For mum: nursing bra, breast pads and cream, nightshirt and dressing gown, nursing top and vests, change of clothes and underwear, slippers, toiletries and 48 x maternity towels, cotton briefs and disposable briefs, pregnancy pillow.

Comforts for mum: lip balm, snacks, magazine, massage oil, phone and charger water/water bottle, keep sake journal.


We know better than anyone the amount of beautiful outfits there are out there for little one; but in the first few weeks and months you will need a lot of the basics: 6-8 x sleepsuits, 4 x wrap-over vests, 6-8 x bodysuits, sun hat, 2 x soft cotton hats, 2 x cardigans, 2-3 x socks (pairs), 2 x scratch mitts (pairs), shawl.


The messy part of having a baby; it can be like a military operation, so here are the essentials you’ll need to make this as smooth as it can: Disposable nappies and nappy sack, reusable nappies and nappy pile, wipes, changing mat, top 'n' tail bowl, cotton buds and cotton wool, nappy cream.

Bathtime: Many mums become filled with dread when the time arrives for their babies first bath; we know there are many worries that come with bathtime but your intuition will always be right! We’ve picked some items that we feel are the must haves at bathtime: baby bath and bath support, bath thermometer, baby sponge & face cloths, baby towels, cuddle 'n' dry robes, baby toothbrush and toothpaste, baby nail scissors, baby hairbrush and comb, changing mat.

Feeding: There is no right or wrong way to feed your baby. Some will breast feed, and some will bottle feed; mum must always choose what is best for themselves and what makes them most comfortable. We have listed what mums will need regardless of what feeding journey they decide to go on. We will say that muslin squares will forever be life savers!

Breast feeding: 3 x nursing bras, 2 x sleep bras, easy opening nightwear, breast pads - disposable or reusable, 12 x muslin squares, nipple shields and cream, breast pump, breastmilk storage bags, and if you are expressing you will also need 2-3 bottles, 2-3 teats, steriliser (steam, cold water or microwave), sterilisation fluid, bottle brush

Bottle feeding: 6-12 x bibs, 6 x bottles, 6 x teats, 12 x muslin squares, steriliser (steam, cold water or microwave), sterilisation fluid, formula milk, bottle brush

Nursery: Whether it’s a cot, a Moses basket or a next to me crib every nursery will be different but you will still need the same items to make it the most perfect first room for your baby: 4 x flat sheets, 4 x fitted sheets, 2-3 blankets, swaddles; suitable for 0 - 3 Months (7 - 14 lbs) but please check individual products for their recommendations, baby monitor, room thermometer, sleeping bags (summer 1/1.5tog & winter 2/2.5/3 tog), nursery plug-in light/gro egg, change mat, mattress; we recommend a brand new mattress for every newborn.

Travel: Getting out and about with you baby can mean having to take what feels like the kitchen sink out with you; here are a few smaller essential travel items we believe you will need for all weathers: Blankets, changing bag, parasol, rain cover for pram and car seat, car sun shield, bag clip, travel changing mat, travel bottle warmer, travel steriliser bags.

Playtime: The greatest joy in having a baby is seeing how much they change and grow from day to day. Playtime is an important part of any baby and child’s development and there are a few fun items to enjoy that play time with your little one: baby activity gym, play mat, tummy time play, lightweight rattles, soft toys, baby books, bouncing cradle or baby swing, sensory toys with music and different textures.

You can visit Baby’roo on their Facebook page here.

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PS. Helping you to figure out what you actually need for you and your baby is part of all my doula packages. Check out my services page for more information.

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