• Rosie Das

I did a maternity photoshoot!

If you know me, you’ll know I HATE having my photo taken. I don’t mind sneaky shots that I wasn’t aware of - but I absolutely detest posing for photos. However, when I saw a Facebook post by Emily Munday, a local maternity, newborn & wedding photographer, saying that she was looking for someone to do a free maternity shoot in return for her being able to use the photos on her website, I thought hey, why not? At 39 weeks pregnant I potentially didn’t have much time to fit the shoot in before baby arrived, but when I messaged Emily we were able to quickly find a day that worked for both of us.

The day of the photoshoot I woke up and realised my waters were trickling....!

I messaged Emily and explained, but said I was still happy to go ahead with our meet up. I think we were both nervously excited at this point!! Later on that morning we met at Wembury Beach, with Max and Giresh in tow. Whilst the boys went off to search for crabs in the rockpools, Emily and I headed to a slightly more secluded area towards the back of the beach, and I revealed how I felt about having photos taken, and that I would probably look really awkward unless she told me exactly what to do. She laughed and said that everyone says that!

I hadn’t really thought about having to get changed into various outfits on what was an increasingly busy beach, but Emily had come prepared with a pop up tent. Much hilarity followed as I tried to put on the long flowing dresses she handed me with nothing to lean on (39+3 weeks pregnant is not generally a graceful time for most people!). Once I’d figured out what goes where Emily reassured me I didn’t look the prat that I felt, and we began taking some pictures. Emily really put me at ease, and I was soon able to forget that other people were around as I stood and sat in various poses. Luckily the directions were no more complicated than “Look at the sea”, “Put your hands on your bump” and “Stretch out one leg”.... If I can do that, anyone can!

Once we’d taken what felt like a million pictures, Emily asked if I would like her to take some family photos as a thank you for helping her out. We had fun swinging Max between us, splashing in the shallows, and having cuddles, and barely noticed Emily positioning herself with her camera.

Throughout the session my contractions had been slowly building, so I was glad to head home after an hour or two. The photoshoot was a great distraction and a lovely way to spend one of our last mornings as a 3 person family.

As you can see from the photos, Emily did a fantastic job of making someone who is definitely NOT model material into something approaching halfway decent! I highly recommend her to anyone who is thinking of having a maternity or newborn photoshoot, or even if you’re looking for a wedding photographer. I'm really glad I took this opportunity - it's so nice to have some 'proper' family pictures... But we're going to have to have more done now Daisy is here!

If you’d like to contact Emily, you can find her here:

Website: www.emilymunday.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilymundayphotography

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emilymundayphotographyplymouth/

PS. Daisy was born two days later by gentle Caesarean - I'll post the birth story soon!