• Rosie Das

Why you should take a baby massage class

Baby massage is something that has been practised in many cultures around the world for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and there are so many reasons why it's such a popular activity!

- It's great for bonding with your baby - set aside this time once a week to have special 1:1 time - It's relaxing and can help promote better sleep for baby and you - It can help with tummy problems such as constipation and colic - It helps your baby become more aware of their body, building motor skills and co-ordination - It promotes early communication skills and teaches your baby that you're there for them

Sounds good right?

It gets better - baby massage isn't just for mums. Dads, childminders, grandparents, older siblings - anyone can do it! It's best if it is a consistent person each week, but it really is suitable for anyone.

Babies can join from birth, but will get more out of it if they are a little older. The upper age limit is flexible, but this is an activity best suited to non-mobile (pre-crawling) babies. There aren't really any barriers to babies joining in, so if your baby has additional needs, just let your instructor know in advance so they can check and prepare for any adjustments they may need to make.

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Here's some feedback from the baby massage classes I've run in 2020: