• Rosie Das

Wondering "What do doulas do?" I wrote you a letter.

Dear Pregnant Person,

I’m just writing to let you know that I think you’re doing an amazing job. I know that pregnancy can be tough sometimes - you’ve battled morning sickness, tiredness, a million bathroom trips in a day… You’ve been worried about your baby, your diet, whether you need to drink more water, and if that weird thing you found in your pants is normal. And I know all you want is for someone to know exactly how to rub your back to help ease your aches, someone who knows what food to suggest when you’re hangry and can’t decide for yourself, someone to help you decipher what the midwife actually meant when she talked about xyz.

Well, I’m here now. I’m ready to listen, to support, to encourage. I’ll help you find the answers you need, to understand your appointment notes, to make decisions. My hands are warm and they’re ready to rub your back, squeeze your hips, guide you into the best position to manage your contractions. I’m waiting for your call, no matter when it comes. I’m ready to come to you, to stay with you, until you are ready for me to leave. I bring an open mind, an accepting mind, a completely unbiased mind. I’ll put you first.

When I’m with you I know you’ll feel nurtured, connected, confident. I know your partner will feel stronger, more prepared, involved. You’ll both be loved, held, listened to. I’m excited about getting to know you, being the one you call when you have a question, and joining you in labour. Your partner and I will work together to make sure you are pampered, prepared, positive. I can’t guarantee how your labour will go but I promise I will be right there with you, before, during and after. I know you’ve got this, beautiful parent to be, and I can’t wait to meet you.


Rosie - The Plymouth Doula - YOUR doula.

PS. Want to find out more about birth doula support? Click here. If you're looking for postpartum support, this is the link for you. And if you're planning a Caesarean, read this to find out how I can support you.

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