Postpartum Services

Can I let you in on a secret?

Being a new parent is

Not only have you suddenly got a tiny human to look after 24/7, but you’re also coping with changes to your body, baby brain (which is totally a real thing - but not quite what you think it is), sleep deprivation, relationship changes, and probably a hoard of visitors who all want to squeal over your baby whilst you sit there feeling gross because you haven’t showered yet today.

Can I let you in on another secret?


That’s right - with a Postpartum Doula - aka a Best Friend For Parenthood - by your side, you can have a much smoother transition to parenthood. I guarantee you there’s no judgement, no shame, just encouragement and evidence based tips - and only when you want them, not like when that old lady in the supermarket tries to tell you what your baby needs (milk, it’s usually milk). I trust your instincts, but I know that it’s not always easy to tune into them, so as your BFFP I’ll gently guide you towards finding your own answers in how to adjust to life as a parent, and how to make sure the you that wasn’t always a parent doesn’t get lost under a pile of nappies.

BFFP Nurture Package

Starts from: £150

With the BFFP Nurture package you get support from your third trimester right through the fourth trimester (yes that’s a thing!) and beyond. We’ll figure out what’s going to work for you with caring for your baby, including options for feeding and sleeping, as well as ensuring that you’re cared for too. Whether you simply want to retell your birth story, you’d like some relaxation tips, or you just really want someone to watch the baby so you can shower without hearing phantom crying, I’m here for you.


If you’re wondering how postpartum doula support is different to your mum coming round to help, check out this blog post "Why Hire a Postpartum Doula" I wrote about exactly that. 

Add on: BFFP Foodie

The BFFP Foodie add on is a great option if you also want tasty snacks and meals prepared for you in your own home - I even do the washing up afterwards!

[Not currently available due to COVID-19, sorry]

Postpartum Doula packages are customisable, and always start with a free meet up (on Zoom at the moment) so we can build the right package for you.


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