Antenatal Services

If you're anything like me you'll be wanting to know EVERYTHING there is to know about pregnancy and birth, but also feeling like some of it is a bit TMI at the moment...

Don't worry - I've got your back.

We’ll go through everything together at your pace so you can build up to the big stuff. Want to know more? 

In all my antenatal classes I teach an evidence-based curriculum so you know you’re getting the most up to date info, but it’s also totally customisable, so if you have a special circumstance let me know and I’ll make sure I include the information you need. But these aren’t your average chalk and talk classes - nope, my classes are interactive, hands on, and FUN. You’ll learn loads of skills, like how to give the perfect hip squeeze (they feel ah-mazing during contractions btw), how to make informed choices and communicate them to your care team, and SO.MUCH.MORE!

And if you’re here for the classes but wondering ‘What is a doula anyway?’, let me explain. A doula is a non-medical birth support person. ‘But why would I need a doula?’ I hear you ask - well, let’s put it this way - you and your partner have expert knowledge on you, and a doula has expert knowledge on birth. So as your doula, I can help you and your birth partner to stay calm (emotional support); get comfortable during your labour (physical support); and understand and interpret all the medical jargon that goes with birth (informational support). When you hire The Plymouth Doula, you’re hiring your BFFB -  Best Friend For Birth. Sounds pretty good right? The best bit? I can also be your BFFP - Best Friend For Parenthood! To find out more about my postpartum nurture packages take a look here:

The Plymouth Doula

Signature Birth Education Class

Cost: £50

(discounts available, please ask)

This is a 4 week class which covers absolutely everything you need to know about pregnancy and birth.


This one’s for you if all you know about birth is from the film ‘Knocked Up’ - we’ll get you up to speed on what your body needs to grow a baby, how our bodies are made for giving birth, how you can best prepare your mind and body for labour, labour positions, interventions, Caesareans, pain relief, comfort measures, the golden hour, and loads more. 


I recommend taking this class in your second or third trimester.

The next dates for the Signature Class are:

27th January 

3rd Feb 

10th Feb 

17th Feb

(All online, 7-9pm)

Rock Your VBAC

[Starts December 2020]

Cost: £45

As someone who's had an unplanned Caesarean, I KNOW thinking about your future birth/s can be scary. That's why I created 'Rock Your VBAC' - an online course to help you sort out facts from fiction, process and release your birth related fears, and get yourself in the best shape possible for a future vaginal birth after Caesarean.

  •  After taking this course you'll feel empowered, confident and knowledgeable walking into your labour.

  •  You'll know all about the best positions for birth, and you'll have a load of strategies for staying comfortable during contractions.

  • You'll understand the statistics around VBACs, and have the skills AND information to make informed decisions about your birth.



Your course will be led by me, Rosie, The Plymouth Doula - a Caesarean mum, certified childbirth educator, doula, and the first doula in the UK to have taken the Advanced VBAC Doula certification from The VBAC Link, so you know you're in safe hands.

What does the course include?

➡️ 5 live Zoom webinars (+ replays if you can't make it live)
➡️ Pop up private Facebook group
➡️ Downloadable workbook
➡️ BONUS 1:1 call for all your pregnancy, birth and VBAC related questions

ALL THIS FOR JUST £45 (value £125)!

Birth Doula Packages

Cost: £300+

Please note - birth doula services not available during 2021 due to my own pregnancy.


Looking for a Birth Doula - aka a Best Friend For Birth? Just like your best friend from high school, I am here for YOU, even when you’re hangry and hormonal. Especially then actually! When you book me as your BFFB you get someone who will stay by your side throughout your labour and birth, to help keep you and your birth partner calm and ready for anything. Got questions about birth? I’m at the end of the phone when you need me - and guess what…


There’s no such thing as TMI so you really can ask me anything! We’ll meet a couple of times before your birth so that we can practise labour positions and comfort measures so you feel as prepared as possible. As you approach your due date I’ll be on call for you 24/7, meaning you have someone to call if you think you might be in labour but don’t want to get your mum all excited just yet. Oh and BTW, all BFFB packages include my Signature antenatal class so you can start building your tribe of new parent friends!

Best Friend For Birth packages are customisable, and always start with a free meet up (on Zoom at the moment) so we can chat about what you need. Ready to chat? Let’s schedule a time to talk!

If you just fancy a quick chat about something specific (pregnancy or birth related obviously!), book a free 20 minute call so I can help you figure out your next steps. I also offer private antenatal classes if you’re not feeling particularly sociable right now - the cost for this will vary depending on how many classes you book.

Ready to chat? Let’s schedule a time to talk!